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Ordering Solutions

Denven allows you to track one of the largest expenses your practice has, inventory. Denven is the perfect tool to put information at your fingertips and prevent future overspending. Using our ordering system will significantly help you to place your dental inventory orders effectively. Having employees submit order requests prior to ordering allows you to better control your budget, review pricing, and ensure quantities are within reason and make sense for your dental practice.


Our application can be used on any device with web connectivity, allowing you to control your data anytime, anywhere. New features and system improvements are updated instantly and automatically. The system is on the Cloud and is backed up daily, making your data safe and secure. 


Denven application ensures that your supplier’s invoice, what you received, and the prices and quantities you committed to on the purchase order match. This guarantees that the expected price is exactly the same and the quantities you received. Meaning no more errors in pricing!

Supply Chain 100% Unified


  • Easily send an enquiry to your supplier and get a quotation.

  • You can place an order from previous/existing stock items.

  • You can add new items (not previously ordered) to your enquiry.

  • Choose products from the list of items that are below your required minimum level.

  • Low stock push notifications.

  • You can check the items you have received and add them to your stock.

  • You can send multiple enquiries to multiple suppliers at the same time. 

  • Produce custom supplier reports that meet your business needs.

  • Purchasing predictions and comparison of quotes.

  • Generate directly from alerts.

  • Real-time inventory status.

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