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Replenishing and managing dental supply is very important to efficient running of a dental practice. Without it, dentists, dental nurses and other dental professionals would not be able to carry out their daily work tasks.

Effortlessly generate reports through the Denven application. Reports allow you to better understand your business and its inventory with customisable, beautiful reports that are easy to generate. The Denven application allows you to generate current status or activity based reports. They are fully customisable meaning you can sort and filter inventory to create custom lists. Making the application bespoke to your business needs. All reporting can be seamlessly exported via CSV or PDF.

Key features:

  • See and interact with analytics

  • Set alerts and reminders 

  • Cloud-based system

  • Interpret your reports to make crucial practice decisions

  • Mobile friendly 

  • Modern user interface


Supplier's reports:


  • Invoice management

  • Track vendors

  • How much you have spent with each supplier

  • Which products have been ordered

  • What is the price of each item


Product's reports:

  • Real time inventory tracking with price changes for the last two orders

  • Historical data for the last 4 purchases

  • Integrate purchase orders for more control and tracking 

  • Track expiration dates and set alerts for shortages based on scheduled procedures

  • List of products that are below the minimum level that you set

Additionally, if any practice needs more tailor-made reports, we can generate those reports for them.

Ready to Take Action For Cost Management That Will Make Your Business Smarter?

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