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Effective Dental Ordering and Inventory Solution

UK's first smart stock management and ordering solution

Denven  is a cloud-based dental inventory management solution that enables you to efficiently track your stock, monitor supply levels and purchase dental supplies. Now you can see all of your supplies, connect suppliers, view orders, and manage stock within one application. We help dental practices around the UK work seamlessly. If you want a solution that is fast, simple, and cost-effective, then contact us today.

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Dental Inventory Management Simplified

Denven allows you to track all your dental practice related supplies for a more intuitive approach to tracking inventory across multiple locations. We have created a truly customisable system that works across all devices so that you can access your application on-site or on the go. Manage all your practices supplies from all of your trusted suppliers with one mobile, cloud-based system.

How Denven works
See how your dental business can make dental inventory tracking easy with Denven.

Manage Stock Inventory

Ordering System

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Inventory report denven

Inventory Report

suppliers report denven

Supplier's Report

price history denven

Price History Report

Why Choose Us

Simplify Inventory Control and Increase Profits

We know that inventory tracking can be a very tedious and difficult task to get right. We have developed a solution for your business so that you spend less time tracking and managing your dental inventory and spend more time with patients. Not only that, but we’ve created a super simple mobile app so that your team can update and change inventory as needed. Take the next step to a better spend culture now. 


  • Standalone app for tablet and mobile 

  • Generate great inventory reports

  • Hassle-free and easy to use

  • Manage stock all in one place 

  • Full access to our training centre with phone training and webinars to help you get setup

  • Instant overview of critical KPI’s and real-time reports 

  • Transform insights into endless source of optimisations to increase your revenues


Save Money 

Drive down supply costs through strategic sourcing that optimises your purchasing power so that you can control your inventory better. No more rogue spending, use automated tools and workflows that drive smarter purchasing decisions. 

Run Smoother

Maximise efficiency using automated tools so that you can order, approve, track and pay for dental supplies. 

5* Client Satisfaction 

We always aim for top-quality customer service. We are with you every step of the way from set-up to on hand support whenever you need it. You can set up and launch within hours, let our experts help. Not only that, but we have helped hundreds of dental, orthodontic and periodontal practices across the country. 

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Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go.

  1. Book our 45 minutes demo and we present Denven.

  2. After the demo, we can arrange to set up your practice.

  3. Once we have set up your practice, we will provide a training session and give you access to our training centre then you are ready to go!

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