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How it works

Denven brings you a smarter approach to inventory management. We have built the application to streamline and modernise every aspect of managing inventory. This has enables dental practices countrywide to capture and track every detail when it comes to their inventory. We have made the application super easy to use so that you spend less time inventorying and more time focussing on your patients. We’ve created a solution that is truly intuitive so that information can be accessed by the right people in lots of different ways. It’s fully modular meaning you can customise your setup in minutes. 

Not only that, but we onboard your staff, helping you set up the best procurement environment for your business. Our dedicated success team will help you every step of the way. We offer fair pricing plans which are affordable and scale with you. You can cancel at any time.

Grow Your Practice Without the Growing Pains


Denven will allow your dental business to speed up its procurement workflow while providing your staff with a platform they will love to use. The days of over ordering and overspending on stock are over. With Denven nothing will go to waste. Denven will send you alerts on your dashboard so that you are in complete control of your business. 


Seamlessly connect with all your suppliers in one place. Allowing you to have a quick and convenient ordering experience. Allowing you to manage inventory and quickly reorder items below par level. 100% cloud-based servers keep your logistics running like clockwork -24/7. 

Key Features

  • Group items based on category, location, conditions etc.

  • Add custom fields to track every detail

  • Give users access and permission levels

  • Auto sync data via the Cloud

  • Set up date based reminders

  • Low stock and expiry date alerts on the dashboard

  • Ordering across all of your suppliers 

  • Spend dashboard and budget visibility 

  • Automated review and approval workflows 

  • Barcode scanning and expiration tracking

  • Knowing if we have enough of what we need for a given period of time ( a week, a month, 2 months, etc. )

  • Ordering regular items easier and faster

  • Monitor expenditure and plan budgets

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